Mini Cake 🎂 You know the saying ” Bigger is Better “? Well, as a short and generally small person I prefer this one: ” Good things makes in a small packages 📦 “. Because small is cute, lovely and fun… So i decided my self to mini cake 🎂.
Cake Mix 

200 grams Rolled Fondant (white)

1 cup butter cream

Edible glue

Sprinkle (pearl)

Gel paste food colour ( pink)

50 grams Gumpaste (pink and white)

Vegetable shortening


Small rolling pin

Small spatula


Ball tool

Small paint brush

Round cutter (3 and 1.5 inch )

Foam (for drying the flower)

Fondant cutter for flower 🌺

After you prepared all the things that you need first cut the cake using the 3 inch round cutter for the big and 1.5 inch for the small.

Icing the cake with butter cream as crumb coat then pop to the fridge. Leave for 30 or until firm. Then apply again the second coat and bring back to the fridge. Need to chilled the cake before put the fondant.

While waiting for the cake, time to make the flower gumpaste. Knead the gumpaste make sure you put vegetable shortening on your hand so that gumpaste will not stick on your hand. Then rolled the gumpaste using small rolling pin then cut using the flower cutter Always brush with corn flour the cutter for the clean cut of flower 🌺.

Then put the flower on the foam and slightly roll the edges using the ball tool. Then let the flower dry and put some pearl sprinkle in the center of flower. You can make the flower in advance to make dry completely. Or make one day ahead.

Then kneading the fondant until smooth and roll using the small rolling pin the put to the cake gently press down all around using your hand until cake completely covered then cut the excess fordant using the cutter.

Then put a little bit drop of gel paste food colour to the remaining fondant knead until the colour incorporated the roll and apply to the small cake.

Then slowly drop the small cake on the top of the big cake and starts to put all the decorations.

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November 13, 2016


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  1. What a pretty little cake!

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  2. This looks super cute🙂…

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