Tuxedo Cake

As my honey is very fanatic of James Bond movies, then he asked me to make a tuxedo cake . It’s a challenge for me but I really enjoyed making the cake. This tuxedo cake is inspired by James Bond 007 🔫 it’s perfect way to celebrate my honey Jack birthday…

This is my first time to make this cake . Everything ( except tape and flower wire) rose 🌹 petals, collar, bow tie, buttons are made with homemade fondant and gumpaste. For the cake I used vanilla sponge cake and vanilla buttercream frosting.


  • 6″x 4″ round vanilla sponge cake
  • 3 cups vanilla buttercream for frosting 
  • 1 lbs. rolled black fondant 
  • 150 grams rolled white fondant 
  • 100 grams red gumpaste 
  • Edible glue 
  • Shortening 
  • Cornflour 


  • Ball tool 
  • Ruler cutter 
  • Big and small rolling pin 
  • 5 petals flower cutter 
  • Silicon mat 
  • Buttons silicon mold 
  • 9″ cake board 


  1. Prepare and layered the cake apply icing generously all over the cake, must be fully covered with icing. Then chilled for overnight, make sure the cake is firmed and chilled to hold the fondant.
  2. Knead the gumpaste until become smooth and pliable( remember slightly floured your work surface with some cornflour as well as your small rolling pin , and put some shortening onto your hand . Roll the gumpaste and cut using the 5 petals flower cutter and smooth the edges using the ball tool to create the 3 D effects on the flower, then let it dry. For me I used the small spoon to create more effects to the petal let dry for about 30 minutes depends on the humidity of your place. 
  3. To assemble the rose 🌹, first make a small bud, and apply some edible glue to the flower wire then insert to the center of the bud. Then assemble the petals one by one, continue until create a full bloom rose 
  4. Knead the black fondant until smooth and pliable, make sure apply shortening on your hand or wear the gloves avoid sticking. Using the big rolling pin roll the fondant carefully for about 1/18 ” thick then gently roll to the chilled cake. Start from the top slightly smooth the surface to avoid air bubbles or you can use cake smoother if you have. Down to the side keep working until all covered by fondant gently smooth, anyway fondant easy to stick on the cake just only make sure no air bubbles inside avoid cracks and wrinkles. Then cut the excess fondant using ruler cutter.
  5. Knead and roll the remaining fondant and covered the 9″ cake board for the base of the cake
  6. Then knead and roll the white fondant to make the collar for about 1 inch wide and 8 inches long then form into a circle by folding the edges to create collars, let it dry then put to the top of the cake , brush some edible glue to secure and stick to the cake. To make the front long sleeve, use the white fondant also same height of the cake then cut into triangle and stick to the front face of the cake draw a line at the center for the guide when you put the button. To make buttons I used the silicon button mold for 4 pieces. Stick the buttons to the center of front sleeve 
  7. Then using the remaining black fondant roll it and make the lapels of the tuxedo measure the height of the cake then cut into diagonal to form a lapels then stick to the cake using edible glue, the
  8. To make a bow tie roll the black fondant and cut about 3 inches long then fold to form a bow then let dry for a while and stick to the center.

For some additional decorations is optional. Since this cake is inspired by James Bond , I add the name of the birthday celebrant and the 007🔫 then I paint with gold edible paint. And decorate the gumpaste roses 🌹 on top and side.

Hope you give a try for my Cake ideas 😊🙏


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  1. Jessica says:


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  2. kelleysdiy says:

    Wow! What a awesome tuxedo cake…your sooo creative!

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  3. Sumith says:

    Wow very creative!!

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    1. Thank you so much 😊

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