Hallowe’en Unicorn 🦄 witch cake

Happy Halloween everyone, last night I make my own Halloween treat and I choose unicorn witch. It’s easy to make I used sweet purple potato sponge as well as in the butter cream. To less using food coloring is used natural color of sweet purple potato.

For the decoration I used the black sugar paste, I make it ahead of time to make it dry before I set to the cake. Using the fondant cutter for the rose , butterfly, and the ear of the unicorn 🦄

It’s easy to make the treat. Hope you give a try for my recipe.


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  1. Megala says:

    Wow! Fantastic!!


  2. Nena, this is brilliant. I would never have thought of combining a unicorn and a witch, but I love it! The cake sounds delicious too. I hope your Halloween was delightful — and delicious. Hugs.


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